Village Rhythms

Together We Celebrate Life!


Village Rhythms Parties

Our Parties Include:
• Drums and percussion instruments
• African Garb (clothing)
• Special Moment to honor "Mother and Child " 
• Assistance in Arts and Craft activities (Parents provide materials)
• A Sing- Along "Happy Birthday to You" Song with captivating drumming music 
• Birthday Drumming Circle
• Customized "Birthday Themes" (selected with you)

Dance! Drum! Play!
Add depth and meaning to special milestones, whether it's a birthday, or a transition such as a graduation, retirement, or wedding anniversary. The goal of a Village Rhythms party is to truly celebrate as never before. We honor the progress of your life with a sense of dignity and nobility, and with meaning and purpose.

Our parties are modeled on gatherings held in African Village Society, which celebrating life through music and songs, drumming and dance as an integral part of the cultural. In that culture, the immediate and extended families extend support and care to the whole being of an individual as well as the entire community.

The Village Rhythms Parties can provide your family once in a life time experience. The birthday parties, for instance, are appropriate for toddlers through teens, and beyond. We'll help you celebrate your child's birthday in both the traditional and modern way, to create a celebration full of love, fun, and joy. After participating any of our fun and healthy activities, your child will rejoice and experience comfort and much calmness. Your child will enjoy and feel celebrated. Most importantly, your child will feel loved, cared for, and safe in the environment with friends and families.

In addition to birthdays, let Village Rhythm help you celebrate other milestones:
• Reward Your Child's Academic Accomplishments and Life Challenges Celebrations
• Organizational Parties - great for daycare center's, youth groups, sport teams, scout and others children's organizations.
• A Welcoming: Birth and Naming Celebrations and Adoptions, Rites of Passage
• Happy Drummers Club - Motivates Kids to overcome fears, to inspire positive attitudes, develop self-esteem, build life skills, including team building.

Tips For Enjoying Your Party:
• Begin Your Day with a Positive Attitude.
• Bring your camera.
• Parents are welcome to supply their own gift bags.
• Please arrive on time and mingle.
• Dress comfortably.

How to Book and Confirm Your Party:
Call 707- 528-4458 any day to book your party. Let's discuss special themes you may want, as well as the date, time, and location. Parties can be at your home, in a park, or at another favorite location. Cost will depend on length of event and distance of travel.

Or email Include the above information. 

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For service:

Cancellation Policy: Five (5)Days cancellation notice required, otherwise you will be charged. Non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at the time of booking. Credit cards and checks accepted. Please make checks out to Village Rhythms.