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Youth Development: Summer and After School Programs

Celebrating Culture Week Event, Onye speaks to High School Students on life issues and challenges facing young people!

Teen Drumming Camp

In this program, young people learn the rhythms of life through play and exploration. We employ a variety of expressive and performance art forms to inspire each participant’s creativity and imagination.

Students learn the fundamentals of drumming and dance with the goal of achieving a positive attitude toward life. As students drum and dance, they learn how to channel their energies in a positive way, develop good social skills, and relate to each other in a cooperative and respectful way.

Together, we celebrate team spirit, individual endeavors, and the accomplishment of common goals and objectives. The course helps develop powerful skills and attributes such as:

• Individuality
• Communication skills
• Conflict management
• Truth telling
• Sense of purpose
• Positive attitude
• Leadership
• A sense of belonging
• Compassion and kindness
• Self-motivation and confidence

Visions and Insights for Teens
Ages: Coed 11-14; 15-20

Teens: What most inspires you? What do you really want with your life? Do you have any visions or dreams for your life? Well, if not, may be it is about time to get a head start on your future. The tools you need to live your dreams are self-knowledge, vision, courage and the wisdom to choose based on your truth Now, it is in your court to lead by example from both strength, passion and love.

Is there a safe way for you to speak your truth and be heard? Can you learn to celebrate what is absolutely unique and special about you instead of trying to just fit in? These inquiries will be explored in this workshop through storytelling, music, dance, drumming, games, and campfires. We will be in nature when possible, building friendship and confidential sharing.

Power, Purpose and Freedom
Ages; Coed, 16 -19

This program is for young adults who are willing to experience profoundly some real life issues and experience a significant change in the world.

By exploring relationships, cultural influences and personal stories, we create avenues for healing and openings to our power, purpose and strengths. Participants will be guided in the following experiential processes to facilitate self-empowerment, team-building and action: Conflict-resolution basics, reconciliation and sharing circles and more.

Boys in the Wood

Parents have arranged to have Onye take their boys on a close-by camping trip that features mentoring and discussions of “growing up” issues, goals and values. Especially valuable for boys who do not have a father at home and need a strong male influence.


Stepping into Manhood

This program is for graduates of the Coming of Age or other adventurous souls who are wanting to go deeper into the issues, challenges and rewards of becoming an honest, generous and passionate young man. It’s rich blend of initiatives, values clarification, decision-making and other skill building necessary to earn the freedom, respect and responsibility of manhood.

Passage to Adulthood
In ancient tribal societies, native African children before and near time of puberty undergo various individual and communal passages into adulthood. These rites are performed imMediately following birth and also separately for boys and girls between 9 – 17 years old.

Today, our modern society is lacking in rites of passage for individuals of all ages as they experience stages of development. Few ceremonies we have, such as graduations and marriage, prepare our soul profoundly or mark significant transitions in life. However, rites of passage from indigenous cultures offer powerful ways for children, teenagers, and even adults to honor their initiations and transitions with sense of meaning and purpose and destiny. These rites instill a sense of individuality and community while developing and nurturing a healthy psyche.

Our modern interpretation of African rites of passage is an opportunity for adolescents to seek their ancestral roots, find their inner strength and identity, and to discover their life direction, maturity, self-discipline, respect, and reverence for life.

Emphasis is placed on

family roots (bonding)
sense of community
sensitivity to nature and humanity.

We establish a sharing atmosphere where we can exchange ideas about each other's traditions as they relate to manhood.

Coming Of Age for Adults
This workshop is solely designed for adults who have missed their childhood and youth development passage prior entering adult age. Together, we will explore the art of rediscovering childhood memories through wide ranges interactive and expressive art forms such as play-shop, spirituality, art, music and dance as well as scared ceremonies and more.

Foundations: Sebastopol Center for the Arts (501.3.c) can act as fiscal agent for grants to Village Rhythms.

Contact Onye to bring these events to your community: 707-528-4458.

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