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Onye Onyemaechi
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Interactive School Assemblies

Onye Onyemaechi has more than 30 years experience in education entertainment for schools, libraries, universities and museums. His goal is to bring the joy and soul of African music, culture and wisdom, teachings, important learning concepts, and celebration of diversity to pupils worldwide. He is a celebrated recording artist and performer who brings an invigorating powerful experience to hundreds of audiences across USA and Europe. A world-renowned master percussionist, performer and inspirational speaker, Onye is author of
The Drum: Voice of the Village, and band leader and manager of Onye and the Messengers, an AfroBeat World Music Band. He has been a member of the Massachusetts Performing Arts Student Series, Young Audiences of San Jose, Young Imagination, ArtsBank Education programs, and is currently on the League of Volunteers-Arts In Schools roster. Onye’s programs for children have earned him a McDonald’s Foundation Recognition Award and he has been featured on NBC and the Wisdom Channel.

phone: (707) 528-4458

African Village Celebration

Onye Onyemaechi’s highly interactive “African Village Celebration” for school assemblies brings an enjoyable and deeply life affirming experience of community connectedness and positive values to students, teachers, administrators, and staff. Mr. Onyemaechi ignites the joy and wisdom of the African Village Community with drumming and music, singing, dancing, native dress, and wisdom—all conveying messages of respect, kindness, self-discipline, acceptance, tolerance, listening, anti-bullying and getting along with others. This assembly program has proven to be so effective at reinforcing these values that plans have emerged to teach and implement it nationwide and the world.

Onye will visit your classroom after the assembly, if requested. 
Program Type: Performance
Grades: K-8
Requires: 45-60 min. and Multipurpose Room
Capacity: 250 Students
Block bookings are available

African Drums and Rhythms

This interactive assembly brings the joy and spirit of African culture and village life of Nigeria, West Africa. Onye will introduce the important learning concepts of African musical instruments, rhythms, and historical context of traditional society. Drum performance, demonstrations and explanations, questions / answers. Themes can include learning self-discipline, developing leadership skills, collaboration and team building incentives. Together, let's celebrate diversity through the drum and rhythms of life. 

Program type: Performance
Grades: 4-8
Requires: 45-60 min. and Multipurpose Room
Capacity: 250 Students
Block bookings are available

Growing Up in the Village

Using music and stories, questions and answers, Growing Up in the Village communicates sound values and can inspire, awaken, and educate us that the world can be a safer, healthier and better place to coexist cross-culturally. Onye shares the wisdom of love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, transformation and peace-making. Themes can include learning self-discipline, respecting elders, communing with nature, listening to your conscience and getting along with others.

Program Type: Performance Grades: K-8 Each Performance: Requires: 45-60 min. and Multipurpose Room, Capacity 250 Students


Contact Onye to bring his motivational assembly to your school: 707-528-4458.

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African Village Celebration!