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Description: Onye Onyemaechi, is a world-renowned master percussionist, educator and performing musician, engages students and teachers and families in a participatory experience of African Village life. His repertoire involves student/children participation in African drumming, dancing, songs and stories. He uses captivating music, native dress and instruments presented in a historical/cultural context. All are encouraged to value and integrate their own heritages into their learning and living experiences. He toured seventeen Bay Area libraries to celebrate the book “What is the What" by Dave Egger. Also, at the  de Young Museum, Cultural Encounters commissioned Onye to celebrate and inaugurate the ART of Africa exhibit.

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About the Artist/Performer:
Onye Onyemaechi has more than 20 years experience in education entertainment, museums, libraries  and the family fun programs. He is a celebrated recording artist, performer and virtuoso of African music, blending  traditional, innovative and creative rhythms into his sound. The result is to bring excitements & enliven audiences  both young and old in the US and Europe . Uplifting the human spirit into a joyful buoyant union of body and soul!

His programs for children have earned him a McDonald’s Foundation Recognition Award and he has been featured on NBC and the Wisdom Channel. He has been a member of the Massachusetts Performing Arts Student Series, Young Audiences of San Jose, Young Imagination, ArtsBank Education and is currently on the artist roster of Cultural Council of Santa Cruz-Arts learning Resource Directory,  and the League of Volunteers. His programs emphasize the importance of modeling positive attitudes, promoting learning, respect for self and others, building unity in communities and enhancing cultural diversity awareness.

Onye is the author of
The Drum: Voice of the Village, published by Millichap books.

“Thank you for putting on such a wonderful program. Your high energy performance never fails to get the crowd dancing and drumming. A great time was had by all.  I look forward to having you perform again in the future.”
Karen Armendariz, Santa Clara County Library District-Milpitas Library
The Kensington Library’s patrons loved Onye’s program and provided me with many compliments when they left for the evening with wishes for a return visit. Onye has great “stage presence”, was a pleasure to work with, and he was very professional in his dealings with library staff.
Louise F. O’Dea, Library Assistant, Kensington Library, Kensington, CA

Onye Onyemaechi and his Village Rhythms performances are inspiring, energetic and just plain fun! He is able to engage the entire audience with his music and stories. Onye has performed at Summer Reading Club events at my libraries several times, and he always goes above and beyond with his wonderful music. The show is both interactive and educational. Kids and grownups are dancing in the aisles! And who knew that playing a shaker could be so fun?! Onye brings his warm smile, great talent, positive energy and truly wonderful percussion music to all of his shows. Catch him when you can and be prepared to smile, make music, dance and leave happier!
Jennifer Weeks, Supervising Librarian at Campbell Library.

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What is the What? by Dave Eggers. Special program.

Contact Information:
(707) 528-4458

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