Village Rhythms

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Building Global Bridges

International Youth Development Programs
for Immigrant Youth

Active cultural and educational programs for young adults

Self-empowerment and Team-building for Youth

Inspirational Speaker Onye Onyemaechi presents interactive programs to immigrant young adults in European countries and the USA. Emphasis is on personal growth and the importance of leadership skills in entering the workforce and becoming a productive member of the society in which they find themselves.

* Village Life & Values
* Positive Motivation
* Mentorship & Team Building
* Leadership
* Passsage to Adulthood
* Peace & Diplomacy

Onye creates a dynamic and unified team community. We encourage creativity and self-expression with a structured, centered and focused process. Each has his or her own role but are encouraged to cooperate with others to make each member powerful.
A successful team: 

Is centered and focused
Works together and supports one another
Has confidence, trust and receptivity
Shows effective leadership
Has the ability to resolve differences
Keeps members self-empowered and motivated
Can manage change
Has accountability and responsibility
Works with balance, creativity and harmony
Shares a vision


Empowers each participant
Strengthens team-spirit where intuition and logic meet
Develops the spirit of camaraderie among co-workers
Reduces absenteeism and health effects of work-related stress and anxiety.
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"Onye has been a consistent force for peace on the SRHS campus for years. As a featured performer and speaker at our annual Multi-Cultural Events, Onye has always spread his inspiring messages of hope, love, and community. He can introduce students to African culture via interactive music and dance, and he can hook them with his positivity and inclusiveness. Onye is a treasured local resource, and he takes his role as cultural ambassador very seriously. We beg him to come back each year, and the students can hardly wait for the collaborative drum-jam at the end of his lunchtime shows. Keep authentic, diverse cultural experiences alive in the SF Bay Area - support Onye and his mission."
John D. Kennedy, Santa Rosa high School

Foundations: Sebastopol Center for the Arts (501.3.c) can act as fiscal agent for grants to Village Rhythms.

USA: Contact Onye to bring these events to your community: (01) 707-528-4458

Drumming for Group Dynamics