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Electronic Press Kit for
Onye and the Messengers

Onye and the Messengers

Onye and The Messengers are a fabulous
Afro World Beat Band!

Under the inspiration of renowned Nigerian percussionist and performer/ author, Onye Onyemaechi, amazingly diverse professional musicians collaborate, compose and play music that is a celebration of body and soul.

With an electrifying blend of influences ranging from Afro-rhythms and Jazz to Reggae, Funk and World Music, The Messengers can perform nationally and internationally for any entertainment events including festivals, corporate functions, universities, concerts and wineries.

Onye and the Messengers captivate crowds and move people's souls with their Afro tribal beats and earth bound rhythms.

Dawn Bruchez (DJ Lilly), World Vibrations, 90.5fm

Mind expanding! Onye and The Messengers embody music with truth and passion, with rhythms that heal and transform, making every performance a soulful and celebratory experience.

Michael Rothenberg, 100 Thousand Poets for Change

Download Onye + Messengers Flyer
I experienced dancing in joy and ecstasy to Onye Onyemaechi Band, an international treasure but a jewel in Sonoma County who shares authentic African music and spirituality. Debra Guisti


Sat. Sept. 30, 8 pm
Occidental Center for the Arts

Electrifying Afro world beat band led by charismatic Nigerian percussionist will move your body and soul with authentic tribal beats & spirit.

Purchase tickets online at
707 874-9392

For Booking contact:

Onye Onyemaechi

Village Rhythms, PO Box 4365,
Santa Rosa, CA 95402.

Onye Onyemaechi 707 528-4458
Mark Escalera 707 536-6215
Cricket Seagull 707 823-8405
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