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Divine Clearing for people who want to create a positive business environment.

Business Space Clearing

Did you know that many
world cultures bless their businesses
as well as daily life events?

A business clearing creates a peaceful, friendly and cohesive workplace where people feel appreciated, empowered, motivated and creative, bringing more joy and harmony to the workplace. When cooperation, team work and collaboration are supported, stress is reduced and the mission of the business is fully enhanced.
These blessings are celebrated through a simple ceremony to activate the business mission statement and to foster a successful business. Employees and management will be grateful to have made this wise decision.

Truly, in blessing your business today, you will have already reduced or eliminated many challenges that confront daily management operations. This helps increase productivity, promotes excellent customer service and develops healthier employee and management relationships.

What is a Business Space Clearing?

A blessing is a prayer and affirmation, invoking divine protection for all creation such as people, homes, lands, workplaces, businesses or other facilities. One of the purposes of blessing is to bring harmony, joy and happiness, peace and good will. Blessings can be performed as many times as needed for a variety of reasons. In addition, blessing focuses on a wide range of creative ideas, intentions and celebrations regarding daily events, life and seasonal cycles.

When Should a Business be Cleared?

  • Before a business opens to the public
    ▪ When there is a location change
    ▪ During financial difficulties; Low cash flow; Bankruptcy
    ▪ If employee absenteeism increases
    ▪ Before, during and after Litigation
    ▪ When Management experiences an internal crisis
    ▪ Employee-Management disputes
    ▪ Business building is located on a sacred site
    ▪ If the office is haunted
    ▪ On a regular basis to avoid negative influences

Other Space Clearings

  • Real Estate Sales—Blessing the house, lands, commercial properties or other facilities at the time of listing and prior to the open house
    ▪ Moving Out—Moving away from a residence or business with gratitude and thanksgiving; detach from previous emotions and resolve any unfinished businesses prior moving out
    ▪ Moving In—Blessing the new location and clearing any lingering past influences; Begin life anew!

Space Clearing Flyer

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