Village Rhythms

Together We Celebrate Life!

Discover the
Ancient Technology
of the Drum!

My teaching allows you to learn a variety of powerful techniques that will support you throughout life.
You will learn fundamentals and build confidence – groove, techniques, etiquette, listening and dynamics and cross-communication. African rhythms are the spiritual center of the village. Everyone gathers together to create and express their love for music and free themselves from stress. A village of community drummers maintains the psyche of the whole person, culture and lifestyle – a great way to meet people, join hands and break bread together with soulful rhythms!

African drumming is beyond words but can be experienced. It’s a spiritual practice, insightful and primordial, intoxicating, and health-inducing. African rhythms are originated from our ancestors and have many purposes, methods and applications to all aspects of human existence. It can make you ecstatic, drumming and dancing like never before. Many drummers play different parts to complete the whole sound of complex rhythms. The universality of the African drum unites people from diverse cultures, communities and nations. African drumming gives the power to cope with the tumult of daily life.

The experience of drum and rhythms demonstrates the power of building a successful team! Each team/tribe member receives or brings his or her drum or percussion instrument and embarks on a rhythmic, transformative self-discovery of the unlimited potential of the group.

However, the team tribe can certainly experience a renewed and ecstatic experience of
Great Teamwork and building unity.

  • To integrate the ancient teaching wisdom of the drum into modern society
  • Introduce the powerful authentic African language of rhythms, patterns and techniques
  • Playing in unison
  • Listening and internalize the sound
  • Stepping outside of the box
  • Working in harmony and having loads of fun
  • Becoming creative and innovative
  • Supportive environment and cooperation
  • Establish mission statement and goal for team


Drumming Entertainment

Imagine an African village where one thousand or more people gather to celebrate life. Now, imagine your families and friends drumming together to create a joyful event!
Together, we can spark the stars and change our destiny.

Corporate Drumming customized to client needs

  • Exhibitions
  • Public events
  • Award ceremonies
  • Functions
  • Road shows
  • Team build events
  • Training programs
  • Parties
  • Special events, functions and summits
  • Conferences
  • Incentives
  • Seminars
  • Product launches
  • Festivals

Community Drumming

  • Festivals
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas parties
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations
  • University Events
  • Special Groups
  • School/ Assemblies/ Events
  • Weddings

Onye Onyemaechi, world renowned drum performer and leader is a true master facilitator who understands the human interactions and dynamics in a group environment . While receiving his advanced education in the United States, he began synthesizing the best characteristics of the African and American cultures both musically and spiritually to create the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime community drumming group. For the community drumming group, you need a conga, African drum, or hand-held Indian drum to participate. 

Other drumming-related services offered by Onye include:

  • Drumming and centering intention in the workplace to effect personal growth, team building and stress release.
  • Drumming gatherings and events tailored to meet your group, community or organizational needs.
  • Group classes and private lessons.
  • Personalized ceremonies and celebrations for life milestones: birthing, coming of age, weddings, and memorials.
  • Onye & The Messengers Afro-Groove band. Solo performances.Details of the Recommendation: "Onye offers energy and inspiration for groups unlike any I have seen from any other source. I have seen amazing changes in homeless people suffering from depression and anxiety after his group work with them.

Contact Onye for bookings and information at 707- 528-4458