Village Rhythms

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The Healing Power of African Rhythms and Sound
The African drum is an exceptional conduit for healing and transformation. The rhythms and sounds of the African drum unifies and builds world communities into a buoyant season of renewal. In a variety of settings including retreats, group ceremonies, rites of passage, family reunions, and other special events, the African drum presents a creative and multicultural celebration.

Since the dawn of time, indigenous people everywhere have understood that music, dance, song and ritual are powerful spiritual practices for health and healing. For the African villager, drumming is a spiritual practice and an integral part of the social and cultural fabric of village life.

The ancient rhythms invoke the power of God to heal, and this language of the drum speaks directly to everyone about love, one-ness and togetherness in a global society. The beat of the drum serves as a conduit between heaven and earth where God and nature coexist in harmony.

In Africa, group drumming plays an important role during planting and harvest seasons to boost moral and encourage solidarity to achieve a common goal. Stress and fear are transcended when drummers unite, lifting spirits and renewing faith and optimism. It is reported that in many parts of Africa, the life expectancy is higher than normal when the villagers engage in the daily practice of group drumming, dancing and spiritual ceremony.


The Healing Power of the Drum
In modern times, scientists, researchers and psychologists give their own account of the therapeutic effect of rhythms. Recent research shows that drum rhythms strengthen the immune system, produce endorphins and release emotional trauma to create states of wellness. The healing power of drumming creates a balance that maintains the connection between body, mind and soul. It has been proven to have many therapeutic and transformative benefits. Research has demonstrated that energetic rhythms cause the brain to synchronize the two cerebral hemispheres. When the hemispheres pulsate in harmony expanded states of awareness are experienced. Powerful neuronal connections are generated in all parts of the brain when entrained to the beat of the drum and even damaged sites can be enhanced.
More than ever, chronic pain is so very prevalent and continues to affect the quality of life. Drum rhythms and movement produce endorphins and endogenous opiates, the body’s own morphine-like painkillers, and excruciating pain can be controlled with drumming. The healing power of the drum relieves stress, tension, confusion, induces deep and profound relaxation, lowers blood pressure and transforms lives.


Drumming and Awakened States
When the practice of drumming is undertaken in a sacred way, profound altered states of consciousness can be experienced. Group drumming can double the alpha brain waves, induce deep states of relaxation, reduce stress and connect one to their transcendent nature. The drum is a messenger from spirit, and people can awaken to their true infinite spiritual nature. One enters the realm of miracles where there are no boundaries between self and vast spaciousness of being. It is here where one is transported beyond the egoic confines of the conditioned self and enters the world of the divine. These ancient rhythms have the power to elicit healings of all kinds.  As the holy vibration of the drum permeates the entire body and soul, profound peace is felt and effortlessly radiates out as love for self and others. The ancestral wisdom carried in the lineage of rhythms is a tool for building community, creating coherent and loving interactions, and awaken one to the miracle of healing through the divine mystery of God’s will.

Summary of Benefits:
• Strengthen the immune system
• Produce endorphins
• Release emotional trauma to create states of wellness
• Synchronize the two cerebral hemispheres
• Reduce chronic pain
• Lower blood pressure
• Induce deep and profound relaxation
• Can induce altered states of awareness
• Can open one up to one’s spiritual nature
• Create cohesive community

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