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Team Spirit Drumming
Professional Development

Your team is about to experience a state of high motivation, empowerment and relaxation among friends and co-workers. 

We use the ancient technology of drumming rhythms to create a dynamic and unified team community. Our path to team success integrates the wisdom and philosophy of the drum with management and leadership practices. We encourage creativity and self-expression with a structured, centered and focused process. Each leader has his or her own role in the music but must cooperate with the others to make the sound powerful and harmonious.

A successful team:

  • Has a solid, centered and focused orientation
  • Works together and is supportive
  • Is confident, trusting and good at listening
  • Clears up unfinished business
  • Has effective leadership
  • Develops the ability to resolve conflict
  • Promotes self-empowerment and motivation
  • Shows an ability to manage change
  • Manifests accountability and responsibility
  • Balances creativity and harmony
  • Builds shared visions and directions


  • Empowers each participant
  • Strengthens team-spirit where intuition and logic meet
  • Develops the spirit of camaraderie among co-workers
  • Reduces absenteeism and health effects of work-related stress and anxiety.
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Drumming levels

Beginners and General

  • Learn basic teachings and technique
  • Learn to drum in a group
  • Cultural and historical context
  • Having fun

Intermediate and Advanced

  • Understand polyrhythmic structures
  • Create simple, complex phrases and solos while playing to rhythmic patterns
  • Playing at different tempos
  • Perfecting Bass, Open, and Slap
  • Performance group and special gigs.

What to expect from drumming

You are welcomed into the family of village rhythms. We offer workshops for all ages and all levels from beginners and intermediate. Our drumming workshops allow you to feel with your heart through a variety of most powerful techniques that support your level of learning.
We maintain a healthy psyche nurtured by the ancestors’ wisdom.

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