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What is a Drum Circle?

The circle gatherings of people originated before the dawn of time, in all cultures for drumming and dancing, celebrations, rituals and ceremonies, initiations and rites of passage. The term
drum circle has been in existence throughout out the ages but re-connected in the United States during the 1960s and early 1970s. However, it is the term used to describe group of people who gather informally to share common interests in music, etc.

Group drum circles are informal gatherings of people who meet for the purpose of drumming together. The determining focus is that the rhythms are improvised and co-composed by the participants. It is an opportunity for self-expressions and growth, to release inhibitions and achieve personal empowerment and relaxation.

facilitated drum circle is another approach of group drumming in which the leader seeks to improve the quality effecting group dynamics. The facilitator monitors the music and takes on a role as an expert or drumming instructor whose goal is to empower and encourage drummers. My approach to drum circles integrates the expressive art forms of movement and dance into the experience. Thus, these type of experiences are described as drumming programs rather than drum circles.

Community Dancing Group / Drum Circles Therapy

Village Rhythms can offer group drumming and dance in your community. The hypnotic pulse of drumming moves dancers and drummers into celebration of life and provides a space for joy and self-expression. The focus is on "heart and soul drumming" as an avenue for individual spiritual deepening, healing and collective community building.

Onye Onyemaechi, world renowned drum circle leader, is a true master facilitator who understands the human interactions and dynamics in a group environment . While receiving his advanced education in the United States, he began synthesizing the best characteristics of the African and American cultures both musically and spiritually to create the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime community drumming group.

For the community drumming group, you need a conga, African drum, or hand-held Indian drum to participate.

Drum Circle Instruction

Other drumming-related services offered by Onye include:
Workplace to effect personal growth, team building and stress release.
Health Facilities / Hospitals / Conference / Retreats / Schools
Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Events
Special Events

Contact Onye for bookings and information at 707- 528-4458