Village Rhythms

Together We Celebrate Life!



It is with great pleasure that I recommend Onye Onyemaechi's African Village Celebration for your school... With his drums and trunk full of West African culture he brought us back to a feeling of community... Wisdom, love, respect, relaxation and celebration were all qualities experienced by our school during this exceptional program.
Nancy C. Mannion, The Discovery Center School, San Francisco, CA

Onye teaches about African culture through the use of dance, music and costumes. He has a magical way of getting an entire high school actively participating with him during the performance. Onye's philosophy emphasizes sound values, respect for others, and the "celebration of life." Onye's assembly positively affected more students and faculty than any other performer we have had here.
J. Ross Thayer, Dir. of Student Activities, R. L. Stevenson School, Pebble Beach, CA

His ability to tailor his program to the audience is impressive... By the close of the program, every student had played at least one African musical instrument, participated in tribal dances and chants, tried on costumes and meditated with Onye. Even the teachers(!) performed. I believe he would be equally successful with elementary, middle school and high school students.
Patricia E. Crone, Head of Village School, Pacific Palisades, CA

February held some significant events that brought our school village together."Together We Celebrate life", was the resounding message that Onye Onyemaechi brought to the Westlake Elementary village. The drums, dance, and community feeling that Onye provided in his assemblies was palpable. It was especially enjoyable to watch teachers and students participating together while enjoying each other's membership in our school village.
Clyde Curley, Principal

Dear Onye,
Thanks for coming to our classroom , listening playing from the heart,
Your friend,
Savanah, age 7

The residents and staff here at the Juvenile Hall Detention Facility believe you have been our best performer to date... These young people have had serious law violations. Most have had excessive contact with drugs and alcohol. Their self-esteem is very low. They believe they have no future. You gave them hope, love and laughter. I thank you.
Carrie Jackson, Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall School


Onye Onyemaechi is a remarkable talent. The spirit and vitality in his music bask the listener in a joyful glow.
Beth Maurence, KBAC FM

Workshops and Teaching

Onye Onyemaechi has created a unique and dynamic workshop that can have a dramatic and exciting effect on todayÕs corporate organizations. His enthusiasm, wisdom, and sense of humor can stimulate a work group so effectively that managers may be astonished by the change in their staff. Productivity, interpersonal skill, and group effectiveness can all see a measurable gain.
Bill Giovino, President, CPU Technologies of Boston

When I work with Onye, it is like having a mirror to clearly see myself, my business and especially my possibilities.
Judith Davenport, Owner, Industry West Business Park, Santa Rosa

Onye not only gives us the thrilling African drumming/ dancing experience, he weaves traditional village wisdom into modern group interaction and management problem solving.
Robert Marcus, marketing director, Environmental Pollution Abatement Co., Inc., Santa Rosa

It is amazing how much I have learned about myself and others from drumming with Onye. Work would be great if everyone was playing together, listening to each other, doing their own thing yet staying in sync.”
David Bailey, hardware engineer, Santa Rosa

Mr. Onyemaechi has taught one of our most acclaimed courses. His excellent facilitation skills, kind sense of humor, insight and well-organized presentation make him an outstanding instructor.
Janis L. Phelps, Ph.D., Dean, School of Consciousness and Transformation, California Institute for Integral Studies, San Francisco

A participant of a workshop with 16 people writes in the evaluation report: “Onye is an inspiring presenter, very profound in a spiritual sense. The time was well spent – an invigorating, enlivening, enlightening experience, challenging in a good way. This is an experience I will never forget. I feel I learned about the essence of African spirituality through drum and dance. Onye definitely knows his stuff, is a great facilitator, facilitates deeper realms of consciousness such as trance well. I liked his casual style and acceptance of everyone in the class. His openness and humor created an atmosphere of support & healing. Onye is very interactive and present. His presence and knowledge were good. He is open to sharing his world; he did so rhythmically and brilliantly. He led us well and followed the group when he needed. He offered a loving container. It would have been great if we had an outdoor, nature, venue.” -- JK

A quote received from participants in Colorado: “Experiencing Onye is dancing a double helix spiral of life, enlivening the spiritual DNA (Divine Natural Attributes) buried within us; thereby, sparking a baptism of fire, washing over each soul like a cool refreshing mountain stream.” - R. Knapp, Retired Minister


“Mr. Onyemaechi is an African drummer and healer who brings a significant benefit to the field of alternative medicine. He brings the level of honesty and education bringing drumming and village-type healing to many patients I have referred to him. Onye is a man of superior quality and I feel that he would be a great addition to any program.”

Thank you for your wisdom and support--it meant so very much.”

“I am not a drummer, but a film maker and professor of media criticism. I met Onye while recovering from major head trauma. Taking part in a weekend retreat with him and 18 others, I experienced remarkable growth and healing - essentially by rediscovering myself as a member of the human tribe.”

A phyician from North Carolina writes: “I once told Onye after taking a workshop of his titled 'African drumming’ that this was a misnomer. His workshop should have been called ‘African Healing.’ Onye is in touch with a spiritual energy that he directs as a potent healing force. He brings to his workshops a blend of his cultural heritage, his talent as a drummer, and his gift as a spiritual conduit for healing. For me, his workshop was a peak experience that catapulted me from the routine existence that we refer to as the ‘real world,’ into the powerful mystical experience of oneness with the creator, the REAL WORLD.” - J. F. Garner, M.D.