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Village Rhythm offers a wide range of life-changing programs to individuals, professionals, schools, colleges/universities, corporations and businesses, special interest groups and other organizations. Among our programs are workshops, events, life coaching and interpersonal skill development, consulting and musical performances that inspire participants to realize their own personal legacies and to assume a role in creating a more enlightened society
Village Rhythm’s programs combine the therapeutic and healing effects of drumming, dancing, celebrations and ceremonies, with meditation response, stress relief, prayer, subtle energetic framework and techniques, laughter and fun. They integrate traditional and modern approaches to music, rhythms, movement, and sound to promote physical, mental, and emotional balance; fostering profound and practical insight; and self-expression.

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Onye Onyemaechi: Founder of Village Rhythms

Onye Onyemaechi, MBA is the founding director of Village Rhythms, a visionary author, advisor, inspirational speaker and performer. He brings the soul of African Culture to create and teach a blend of the best of traditional culture and modern life styles to individuals, organizations and the world. Onye is recognized as a pioneer in using music, rhythms and dance to bring diverse communities together and as a tool for personal and societal healing. His seminars and consulting have improved hundreds of lives and organizations. He is a celebrated recording artist, performer, producer and composer.

A virtuoso of African music, Onye’s drumming and dance artistry has electrified audiences in the United States and abroad for over thirty year. Through music, Onye has a profound capacity for seeing into ordinary reality and discovering what is needed to bring healing, growth, and transformation to various situations. His healing music is useful for wide ranges of therapies, alternative medicine programs, corporate team building and retreats.

Onye Onyemaechi is a presenter at school assemblies as speaker/performer to promote the joy of learning, self-empowerment and encourage students' success. Also, his message of village wisdom fosters respect, tolerance and kindness profoundly resonates among teachers, administrators and parents.

He is currently on the roster of the league of Volunteers of Newark Arts Council, El Dorado Arts Council and the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz. He has also received recognition and appreciation from Sonoma County Cultural Arts Council. Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Charities honored Onye with the Award of Gratitude for "special recognition for outstanding participation in Family Fest 1988." He has received grants from the California Arts Council, City of Boston and public and private foundations. Onye is a celebrated world percussionist, composer, producer and has recorded music for interactive video games and numerous CDs. He has been featured on NBC TV affiliate program Coming Together and the video and film documentaries: Of Sound & Healing, Search for Spirituality, and as well as the Wisdom Channel. 

Performing in the United States since the early 1980’s, Onye has been featured in Billboard Magazine as musical director of the “O Band,” Artistic Director and Business Manager of his own performance company, The Igbote Ethnic Ensemble, and performed on numerous radio shows nationwide. His major performances include First Night Boston, Cambridge Arts Fest, Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Statue of Liberty Bicentennial Celebration (with his Igbote Dance Ensemble), and Harvard University Cultural Rhythms concert, Uetliberg Museum Arts Festival in Switzerland and Stadttheater Neuburg A.D. Donau, Germany. His sold out concert at Humboldt State University Performance Festival electrified the John Van Duzer Theater with a celebration of human spirit. He has been a featured performer and choreographer of the Oakland Festival of the Arts, Bay Area Dance Series and Forest Meadows World Music and Dance Series.

In Switzerland Onye has provided programs for children, youths and immigrant families, sponsored by the City of Zurich and psychotherapy clinics. He has been interviewed on Public Radio in Germany. The Cultural Encounters commission of the de Young Museum, San Francisco, commissioned Onye to perform an original performance, “The Rhythms of Change” on the Art of Africa.

He earned a BA in Fine Arts from College of the Holy Cross. After receiving his MBA with an emphasis in international business from Boston College School of Management, Onye felt his real calling was to create and teach a blend of the best of traditional culture and modern life styles.

While living in Cambridge in the early 1980s, he presented a monthly night of ethnic music and dance. All nationalities were invited and the evening would end with Onye drumming while hundreds of people, young and old, danced and drummed along. Some of those who experienced these events studied with Onye and went on to establish "drum circles" around the country. Onye is recognized as a pioneer in using drum and ethnic dance to bring communities together.

In the April/May 1988 issue of Whole Life New England Magazine, Onye was featured as their cover story and he was profiled in the Harvard Independent in February 25, 1988.

He has taught at prestigious institutions, businesses and conferences including Harvard University, Holy Names College/ICCS, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, International Conference on Business and Consciousness, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Boston College, Sonoma State University, California Academy of Sciences, de Young Museum, College of Marin, featured presenter at International Conference on Shamanism and Consciousness, International Conference on Sound Healing, International Conference on Science and Consciousness, Memorial Hospital, Kaiser Medical Center, Sutter Health Center, International Medical Interpreters Association, California Institute of Integral Studies, California Library Association, Open Center, Sonoma Development Center, Elaborate Technologies, over 1,000 schools and the Stadt Theater in Germany. As adjunct faculty member he founded the Drum and Dance Society at Sonoma State University.

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